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Storlek: 1 kg
Wonderfully good and easy-to-prepare low-sugar protein pancakes.
Storlek: 1 kg
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Body Science Protein Pancake Mix

Now you can quickly and easily make good protein pancakes with the Body Science Protein Pancake Mix. Each batch gives 2 - 3 protein-rich pancakes with delicious flavors of vanilla or cinnamon buns.

  • Perfect for a quick, easy and healthy breakfast or as snack.
  • Can be used for pancakes or crushed protein leaves.
  • Contains protein from 3 different sources - egg white, whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate. Protein helps to maintain and increase muscle mass.
  • Contains a balanced mixture of nutrients - for a superior taste experience.
  • Low sugar content - only 2.2 grams of sugars.Is a dietary fiber source.
  • Contains 4 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams.
  • Low fat saturated fat - only 1 gram of saturated fat.

Well balanced and amazingly good protein pancake

In order to get really good protein pancakes, high quality raw materials are needed and the right balance between protein and carbohydrates is found. An excessive protein content gives a sad and dull taste experience, but with too little protein, it's simply not a protein pancake. With the Body Science Protein Pancake Mix we have found the perfect blend - 35% protein and 44% carbohydrates! This provides a well balanced protein rich pancake that is both easy to handle in the frying pan and has a wonderful taste. However, Body Science Protein Pancake Mix has both low sugar content (2.2%) and saturated fat (1%). And with its 4 grams of dietary fiber, Body Science Protein Pancake Mix is ??also considered a dietary fiber source.

Add an egg for more protein rich pancakes

If you want to enrich the pancakes with extra protein you can easily add an egg to the batter. Eggs are, as many know rich in protein, but also contain omega-3 fatty acids and several vitamins and minerals. So by adding an egg to the pancake, you not only increase the protein content, but also enrich the pancakes with several of the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to function.
Then you do protein slicersOf course, you can also use the Body Science Protein Pancake Mix to make deliciously broken protein leaves. Simply replace the frying pan with a waffle iron and bake the protein coat until it has a golden brown color.

Then you do protein pancakes

Beat 1.5 dl (50 grams) with 2.5 dl of water, or mix in a shaker and shake well until you get a smooth spread. Allow the mixture to stand for a few minutes. Heat some oil into a frying pan and pour the batter to the desired pancake size. Turn the pancakes until they have a golden brown color. Each batch is sufficient for 2-3 pancakes, depending on size.

Gourmet protein pancakes with smashy accessories 

Eat your protein pancakes with good additions, such as fresh fruit or berries, flavored foie gras, calorie peanut syrup or honey and cinnamon. You can also try a click Organic Science Chocolate & Peanut Butter Swirl - Creamy Peanut Butter Mixed With Real Luxury Belgian Chocolate. We also recommend that you cook your protein pancakes in Body Science Coconut Oil - choose Extra Virgin for a good coconut flavor, or odorless that is free from both odor and taste of coconut.

NOTE! Important with a versatile and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

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Manufacturer: Body Science
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Body Science Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix Cinnamon Bun

Powder mix for protein pancakes and protein waffles,  with the taste of cinnamon bun. Contains sweeteners.

 Net Weight: 1000 grams (20 servings).

Portion Size: 50 grams (~ 100 ml).

Preparation: Pancakes: Whisk together 50 grams of powder with 250 ml water, or blend in a shaker and shake well, until the mixture has an even consistency. Allow the mixture to stand for a few minutes. Heat a little oil in a frying pan and pour in enough batter to get the size of pancake you want. Once the pancakes have a golden brown color, turn them over to brown the other side. Each mixture is enough for 2-3 pancakes, depending on size.

Waffles: Whisk together 75 grams with about 150 ml water to a slightly thicker batter than for the pancakes. Let the mixture stand for a few minutes before heating the waffles in a waffle iron. Each mixture is enough for about 3 waffles.

Ingredients declaration: Wheatflour, egg white, whey protein concentrate from milk, milk protein concentrate, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), stabilizers (guar flour, cellulose gum), cinnamon 1.5 %, flavoring, salt, cardamom, sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame K). Contains phenylalanine.

Allergy information: Manufactured in premises where soya is handled and can therefore contain traces of these.

Expiry date and batch number: See stamp on front side.

Storage: Store in original packaging at room temperature


Nutritional information per 100 gram and 50 grams
Energy 1478 kJ/352 kcal 748 kJ/178 kcal
- of which saturated fat 
3,8 g
 1,1 g
1,9 g
0,6 g
of which sugars1
42 g
2,2 g
21 g
1,1 g
Fiber 4,7 g 2,3 g
Protein 35 g 18 g
Salt 1 g 0,5 g
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Har länge velat testat dessa och förra veckan inhandlade jag båda smakerna. Är INTE besviken! Går supersnabbt att göra och med mosade frysta hallon och kvarg blir det en härlig kombo :) Vaniljen är favoriten! Helt klart värt att testa!
Jag har minst käkat 5-6 burkar de sista åren.
Enkel och snabb produkt som jag köper av och till rekommenderas.. mycket god kör alltid vanilj smaken.. kanelbulle låter knepigt inte vågat smaka.
Blir underbara mättande våfflor! Äntligen goda snacks!
Sjukt goda pannkakor (kanelbullesmak) !! Rekommenderar starkt!!
Vaniljen är helt klart godast! Så himla enkelt, och snabbt går det att göra pannkakorna.
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Body Science Protein Pancake Mix
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