Meal replacement

Meal substitute is a product with a well-balanced nutritional content and usually a low energy content. Meal substitutes are intended to replace one or more regular meals, for weight loss purposes or for weight control. Meal substitutes often consist of a high content of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and usually a low content of carbohydrates and fats.

To get as much nutrition as possible, several different types of protein are usually used. In some meal replacements, useful fats in the form of fish oil have also been added. Meal substitutes are available as powders, bars and ready-mixed drinks, which is a practical way to have a low-calorie meal on hand, especially when traveling. Meal substitutes can also be used to supplement a meal with its high protein content and amount of nutrients.

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A product that can be used both for muscle building purposes and as a meal replacement - with a low sugar content and a high content of cocoa for better taste and nutritional values.
Body Science
Swedish-made meal replacement for fast and effective weight loss!
Body Science
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