Whether you are entering a "def" period before a competition or just getting in beach shape, the key is to maximize your fat burning. If you have your diet under control, fat burning supplements can give you that extra!

What is fat burning and how to deffar?

In the fitness industry, we often say "fat burning" or "defeating" instead of "losing weight" or losing weight. The reason is that fat burning specifically says that it is body fat we want to burn off. Defeating means burning fat to increase muscle definition, ie how well the muscles are visible on the body. If you lose weight, it can be fat, fluid and muscle. Our muscles are what we most want to maintain and preferably increase. It is our muscles that consume energy and the more muscle mass we have, the more energy we consume both at rest and in motion.

So, when does the body really start to burn fat?

Well, as soon as you are physically active, your metabolism increases. However, maximum fat burning occurs when diet, exercise and rest are in symbiosis with each other. To increase the pace and / or facilitate your fat burning, there are several supplements that can help you. These can make a marked difference a bit into the "def" period and especially towards the end when things start to go sluggishly.


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