Casein protein is the perfect snack that keeps you measured about 3 times longer than a pure whey protein with the same amount of energy does. If you have problems with cravings, hunger or just want to maintain weight, we recommend a casein or mixed protein over a whey protein - as it clearly has a much better function to keep you full and satisfied. Casein is absorbed slowly in the body and is mainly known and well-liked for its anti-catabolic effect, ie its ability to counteract muscle breakdown - especially during diet.

What is casein?

Casein protein (casein) is extracted from cow's milk which consists of 80% casein and 20% whey. The casein protein consists of micelles which in turn consist of different types of casein fractions: alpha (s1), alpha (s2), beta and kappa. When we talk about casein protein, we mean these four fractions. The characteristic slow uptake rate of casein is due to its insolubility at low pH values. When casein protein reaches the stomach and comes in contact with the stomach acid, the casein coagulates and forms a mass that takes a long time for the body to process and break down when it reaches the small intestine. The effect is a prolonged and constant supply of amino acids, which keeps the amino acid level in the blood at an elevated level for a long time, sometimes closer to 6 to 8 hours. For this reason, protein powder consisting of casein is considered to have a muscle-sparing anticatabolic effect.

Micellar casein

Casein consists of micelles and a real casein protein is thus often referred to as micellar casein. In other words, a micellar casein is a casein protein in its most natural form. The dietary supplements and protein powders from Body Science that contain casein consist only of high-quality micellar casein. Benefits of a casein protein Like all types of milk protein powder, casein provides an initial stimulus for protein synthesis. Its prolonged supply of amino acids makes casein a good choice for those looking for a dietary supplement that gives them nutrition and a feeling of satiety over a longer period of time. As I said, this is the main reason why many people choose casein as an evening or night protein - which gives them a constant and steady stream of amino acids during the night. Casein protein is also very rich in calcium, which is important for our skeletal and bone health. In most studies, researchers have also found that calcium can increase fat loss in obese subjects.


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