Body Science Whey 100%

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The best way to raise your protein intake! Affordable, tasty and of highest quality!
Size: 1 kg
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Body Science Whey 100 %

Body Science Whey 100% is a high-quality protein powder with an unbeatable price, which allows you to increase the protein content of your daily diet in the most affordable way.

  • Incredibly affordable protein source!
  • Contains whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Protein donates saturation and helps to increase and maintain muscle mass.
  • Also contains folic acid (vitamin B9) and calcium.
  • Choose from 13 amazing flavors - Blueberry flavor contains genuine blueberry powder and the chocolate makers contain real cocoa.

Protein of high quality

Body Science Whey 100% consists only of high-quality protein. Whey protein is recognized worldwide for its high biological value, which refers to how well the protein satisfies human needs for amino acids. Vassle supplies the body with all the amino acids we need from the diet, and have high levels of the amino acids that build and maintain muscle mass.

Protein powder is not just a smooth and easy way to get high protein content quickly and easily. It is also the most affordable way. A bag of Whey 100% corresponds to about 50 hamburgers in protein amount, which gives a price comparison.

Find your favorite taste

With Body Science Whey 100% you can choose from 14 amazing flavors. Blueberry flavor contains, for example, genuine blueberry powder and the chocolate makers contain real cocoa. This is something that has brought the taste experience to a whole new dimension and has put Body Science protein in the top.

Body Science Whey 100% also contains mineral calcium and folic acid (vitamin B9) in significant amount.

NOTE! It is important to have a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.



Mix 30 grams with 200 ml (6.5 oz) water or lactose free milk. The amount of fluid can be increased or decreased as desired. Recommended intake: 2-3 portions per day..

Net Weight:                                                        

1000 grams/2.2 lb (33 servings).


Product and manufacturing information:
Body Science protein products contain raw materials from the best, market-leading producers of proteins and flavorings in Europe. All Body Science protein products are manufactured in Sweden according to HACCP; No substances prohibited under anti-doping regulations are handled at the factories. All products are covered by a customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you, for any reason, are not satisfied, you can return the product and receive a credit coupon.

Doping-free (100% approved for competing athletes).
HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

SKU: B2412352
Manufacturer: Body Science
EAN: 7340130612227


Body Science Whey 100% Toffee Pecan

Toffee and pecan flavored protein powder. Contains sweeteners. Contains lactase enzyme.

Net Weight: 1000 grams/2.2 lb (33 servings).

Portion size:30 grams (~½ cup).

Use: Mix 30 grams with 200 ml (6.5 oz) water or lactose free milk. The amount of fluid can be increased or decreased as desired. Recommended intake: 2-3 portions per day.

Ingredient list: Protein mix (whey protein concentrate from milk (contains emulsifier soy lecithin), whey protein isolate from milk), flavoring, salt, stabilizer (cellulose gum), sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame K), lactase enzyme. Contains phenylalanine.

Note: It is important to have a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Expiry date and batch number: See stamp on front side.

Storage: Store in original packaging at room temperature


Nutritional information per 100 g and per 30 gram portion:
Energy 1592 kJ/379 kcal 483 kJ/115 kcal
- of which saturated fat 
 5,6 g
3 g
1,7 g
0,9 g
of which sugars1
 6 g
5 g
1,8 g
1,5 g
Fiber 0,4 g 0,1 g
Protein2  76 g 23 g
Salt 1,50 g 0,45 g
Calcium 385 mg 48 %* 116 mg 15 %*
Folic Acid 260 µg 130 %* 78 µg 39 %*
* for labeling purposes – percent of daily reference intake according to EU
1 contains naturally occurring sugars.
2 protein dry matter: 79 %


Amino acid profile per 100 gram and per 30 gram portion:
L-isoleucine* 4,80 g 1,44 g
L-leucine* 8,02 g 2,41 g
L-lysine 6,93 g 2,08 g
DL-methionine  1,50 g 0,45 g
L-phenylalanine  2,37 g 0,71 g
L-treonin 5,34 g 1,60 g
L-tryptofan 1,25 g 0,38 g
L-valin* 4,39 g 1,32 g
L-histidine 1,32 g 0,40 g
L-alanine 3,61 g 1,08 g
L-arginine 1,74 g 0,52 g
L-aspartic acid  8,10 g 2,43 g
L-cysteine 1,36 g 0,41 g
Glutamic acid 13,22 g

3,97 g

Glycine 1,27 g 0,38 g
L-proline 4,68 g 1,40 g
L-serine 3,99 g 1,20 g
L-tyrosine 2,21 g 0,66 g
Total protein content 
- of which BCAA
76,10 g
17,21 g
22,84 g
5,17 g

*branched chain amino acid (BCAA).

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Har endast provat päronsplit och gillar den verkligen. Vispar äggvita med Sukrin och blandar i pulvret. Såååå gott!
Har igenom i princip alla smaker och faller nästan alltid tillbaka till samma favoriter!
Dbl Rich Chocolate, Toffee Pecan, Bananchoklad och päronsplit.
Funkar utmärkt att blanda med vatten men emellanåt lyxar jag till det och blandar med mjölk!
Absolut bästa proteinet på marknaden enl. mig som testat runt i flera år!
Har provat choklad, banan choklad och päronsplitt
Choklad 5/10 god ett tag men tröttnar snabbt på smaken
Banan choklad 6/10 lite godare men samma där tröttnar snabbt på smaken
päronsplitt 10/10 ren njutning att dricka, riktigt god och inga konstiga eftersmaker eller liknande, rekommenderar starkt!
Banasplit smakar skumbananer (sorten utan choklad) = jättegod :-)

Funkar t.o.m. med vatten om man tar mindre vätska (ca 1-1.5dl vatten/30g pulver) vilket är rätt ovanligt för "fruktsmaker" som ofta smakar hemskt med vatten.
Kör normalt "natural" p.g.a. ketos (mindre kolisar i natural, närmare isolat i näringsvärde) men skumbanan låg väldigt lågt i carbs så glad jag testade den.
Annars är natural perfekt att köra om man tillsätter sina egna flavdrops (med sucralos som sötning som ej påverkar insulinet).

Har öven testat bananchoklad som också är jättegod, men bananasplit blir det framöver pga bättre näringsvärde :-)
Double chocolate Almond är sljuvligt krämig och så god. Både som pudding och mer flytande.

Salted caramel smakar som flytande kåvepenin. Trodde jag skulle kunna dricka upp det men jag får slänga det. Det går bara inte.
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Whey 100%
Body Science
Whey 100%
Size: 1 kg
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